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Completed 2022

Elevating butchery into a performance and artform, Victor Churchill Melbourne is a space designed to spark culinary conversation and reimagine the way that we eat. The store comprises an artisan butchery and grocer, complete with a curved marble dining counter from which to revel in a multisensory food experience []

It was crucial for the lighting to present the true colour and quality of the various produce on display with high colour fidelity, saturation and consistency, as well as to provide mood and ambience and comfort.

Discreet lighting is integrated into the custom copper pipe that follows the curve of the marble counter and the cradled wine glasses above. To the side the extensive wine library is on display. And the undulating textural quality of the fluted copper wall.

The lighting to the butcher’s area allows the art and craft of butchering to be displayed, where customers feel like an audience in a theatre. 

Lighting presents the butcher’s blocks like sculptures in an art gallery and allows the butchers to showcase their craft with no shadows or glare.

Victor Churchill Armadale: Project
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Victor Churchill Armadale: Portfolio
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