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Completed 2022

Selection of the exhibition lighting for the Sydney Modern Project went through various stages. This included developing a lighting performance strategy that detailed the base-level technical requirements for the lighting. Samples of wall washers and framers from various gallery lighting suppliers were then tested / mocked up in a modern exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW. Spectrometer data was recorded for evaluation and to compare this with supplied data / cut sheets. Empathy testing was also carried out to find out how the lighting is viewed / perceived and if these feelings / emotions are shared on the quality of light on the artwork.

Sydney Modern Project - Exhibition Lighting Trial: Project
SMP - Image 2.jpg
SMP - Image 3.jpg
SMP - Image 1.jpg
SMP - Image 4.jpg
S_P - Image 6.jpg
SMP - Image 5.jpeg
SMP - Image 7.jpg
Test - Image 1.png
Test - Image 2.png
Test - Image 4.png
Test - Image 3.png
Test - Image 5.png
Test - Image 7.png
Sydney Modern Project - Exhibition Lighting Trial: Portfolio
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