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The entry foyer to the new Sydney Modern Project features an undulating transparent skylight with customer seating areas and giant-like sculptures created by Francis Upritchard - a New Zealand contemporary artist based in London.

The grid arrangement of the columns allowed for services to be reticulated to the light fittings. Already selected were the house lights that provided a general  lighting level to the floor. What was missing in all of this was the gallery lighting and the challenge was to find something that would meet SAANAs aesthetic / visual requirements (as there were already a number of other services there) as well as the performance we were after to light these sculptures in the way we wanted given these limitations.

Using the architects Rhino model, we were able to test a number of suitable external projectors / flood lights, including some that had framing options and present the 3D visualisations to show the lighting concepts and possibilities.

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Francis Upritchard Here Comes Everybody: Project
Francis Upritchard - Image 1.png
Francis Upritchard - Image 4.jpeg
Francis Upritchard - Image 2.jpeg
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Francis Upritchard Here Comes Everybody: Portfolio
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