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Completed 2022

LED lighting upgrade to the gallery lighting installed in the Grand Courts at the Art Gallery of NSW.

The existing 300 watt halogen track mounted flood lights were replaced with new 48 watt LED flood lights, reducing the total energy consumption by more than 80%, as well as reducing the total number of fittings required to illuminate the artwork, and doing all of this without compromising the visual quality of the Courts and the visitor experience.

The existing 2 x 58 watt fluorescent reflector lights installed in the artificial skylight were failing and was a maintenance issue due to the short life span, access restrictions and bulk lamp replacement costs. This resulted in a dreary looking skylight effect. To restore this to the potential it deserves, Casambi controlled LED profiles are installed in an individual plug n play system tied to the existing Unistrut with plug bases at each fitting. The colour temperature selected was 4000K to create a uniform distribution of the cooler white light onto the diffusing elements to create the skylight effect when viewed from within the Galleries and contrast the warmer white gallery lighting.

Extensive research and lighting trials were undertaken to select the appropriate replacement luminaire that had to satisfy the strict conservation and high colour rendering and light technical requirements that were formulated and set.

Art Gallery of NSW - Old Courts: Project
2017-10-17 09.48.43.jpg
2017-10-17 09.14.35.jpg
2017-10-17 09.47.43.jpg
Comparison Portrait.jpg
Grand Courts Trial - Image 1.png
Grand Courts Trial - Image 2.png
Art Gallery of NSW - Old Courts: Portfolio
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